official website AVIDO, accordion/saxophone duo 

“Avido Duo’s excellence in musicianship and broad artistic explorations will forever make you rethink what is possible when saxophone and accordion meet!”

Kojiro Umezaki

Shakuhachi player & Composer from Silkroad Ensemble (TheGrammy Award-winning Ensemble)


Avido duo, formed by two talented musicians, represents a wide pallet of sounds, rhythms, melodies and ornaments of their times. They have an ability to create a strong and unique way of feeling and performing the music connecting the scenic art with outstanding works of baroque, classical and traditional folklore music interpreted by different saxophones and accordions. 
Duo gives the spectators an opportunity to travel through different epoques with a particular sonority of their instruments. 
With youthful energy, passion and original ideas, Avido duo has brought a fresh wind of changes to the concert halls and festivals around the world. 
No metter where Avido performs, would that be in Wiener Konzerthaus or in the arid desert of Atacama,  the power of Avido’s sound and its versatility has been enjoyed by many. 

Choosing to wrap widely known pieces in the new attire using interesting arrangements, Avido duo gave them a new character and sound, still holding the characteristic basis of the pieces.
This refreshment has an innovative aspect, with the punch line of connecting diverse epoques, making the sophisticated brigde between them. The whole structure overflows in a picture that shows a development of themusic from the barock age, over the classical time, until the modern works and DUO’s own improvisations. Entire progress is presented by the unusual sound of the two instruments playing together, using coeval arranged music, enabling the fundamental melody to slide from one to another instrument/

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